Regulation – ed. 2017

Club membership is not required.

A medical certificate for competitive sport recognized in one’s country of residence is required to validate registration.

The medical certificate must be presented at the time of online registration, and will be received and verified by the agency responsible for registration and timing.  In the event that an athlete does not provide a medical certificate, he or she will not be allowed to participate in the race.

Entries will not be accepted by athletes who are serving a suspension for doping in any discipline.

The maximum number of participants is 100 athletes + invited elites.

The 2017 Vertical race will be run in two heats. The inverted ranking of the first heat will indicate the starting order of the second heat.

  • Registration opens on July 24th 2017 at noon at the following link: and close when the maximum number of 100 is reached, or on 30 November 2017.

  • The registration fee is 25 euro and entitles the athlete to a gift bag, timekeeping, personalized race bib and post-race refreshments.

  • Registration is personal and cannot be sold to a third party under any circumstances without the prior consent of the race organization.

  • Meeting point is 14:30 at the Marina of Manarola.

  • The start of the first heat will be at 15:00, beginning with the women’s category.  At the conclusion of the women’s category, the men’s category will follow.  The interval between each participant start will be 1 minute.

  • The “women’s elite” will depart following the men’s category, in an order designated by the organization, with an interval of 1 minute between each athlete.

  • The “men’s elite” will depart following the “women’s elite”, in an order designated by the organization, with an interval of 1 minute between each athlete.

  • The start of the second heat, in inverted order, will be at 17:00 starting with the women’s category; at the conclusion of the women’s category, the men’s category will follow; the interval between one athlete and the next will be one minute, without distinction of elite athletes and non

  • The final ranking will be based on the sum of the times of the two heats
  • The race will be held regardless of weather conditions* and the use of a headlamp is required for the second heat.

*(The organizing committee reserves the right to modify/suspend/cancel the race in the case of particularly adverse weather conditions).

  • Race Timing will be provided by MySDAM Toscana Timing with technology based on the use of a “chip”. Details and conditions on the use of chips are published on the MySDAM website:

  • Note: failure or improper chip use will result in exclusion from the final classification and non-attribution of race time.

  • The race bib must be worn on the chest or stomach and must be fully visible for the entirety of the race. It must be positioned over any clothing and in no case be fixed elsewhere. Prior to the race all athletes must pass through the entrance gates at the closed starting area to be registered.

  • Any athlete not present at their scheduled starting time will be excluded from the competition.

  • In the event of an obstruction along the course, the affected athlete(s) will be allowed a second start. The new start will take place after the elite category in the first heat or after the rankings leader in the second heat.

  • The use of poles and headphones is prohibited*  *(disqualification penalty)

  • The use of a headlamp is required for athletes starting after sunset (see ephemeris table)

  • Any athlete surpassed by another athlete must* move to the left side of the course to allow passage. *(disqualification penalty)

  • Any athlete who withdraws from the race must use the designated course exits on the right side of the course with assistance from race personnel.

  • From the arrival area a return route via trail will be manned by race personnel.  Alternatively the race route can be followed in reverse after the arrival of the final race participant.

  • Participation in the “Sciacchetrail Vertical Race” requires that each participant accepts these regulations in all of its parts. By registering, each athlete agrees to abide by these regulations and release the organizers from any civil or criminal liability for any incident or accident resulting in injury or damage to persons or things that may occur during the event. The race will take place in accordance with these regulations, with any modifications or notifications to be published on this website.

  • IMAGE RIGHTS: each participant waives the rights to images made during the event and waives any appeal against the organization or its partners for use of his/her image.

  • DECLARATION OF RESPONSABILITY: Voluntary registration and subsequent participation in the race indicates full acceptance of the present regulations and eventual modifications.  With registration, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, either civil or criminal, for damage to persons and/or things caused by or derived from the participant.

  • REIMBURSEMENT OF REGISTRATION FEE:  In no case will the registration fee be reimbursed or refunded.

  • The organizing committee reserves the right to modify at any time, for organizational purposes, the present regulations.