Course (ver. Nov. 26th 2016)

vertical vertical_elevation

The start will be at 3pm at the marina of Manarola with one minute intervals between competitors. The race follows the main road lined with boats, Via Birolli, winds around Piazza Capellini, and continues up Via Discovolo until the shop Cinque Terre Trekking, where the “Collora” stairs begin.

After about 300 steep and irregular stairs you will reach the finish line just beyond the Illuminated Nativity.  The race will take place at twilight.

It will be the runners who symbolically light the nativity with their arrival at the summit.

Course Modification : to avoid possible congestion at the overpass at Piazza Capillini the race organization has made the following course modification:  “The start is at the marina of Manarola, then up Via Birolli.  Just before the ramp of the overpass turn left up the staircase of Vico Chiuso Marina then descend to the overpass and continue along the course as indicated on Via Discovolo. “